Haripur Chamber of Commerce & Industry is the leading business community of the region, providing advocacy, promotional and benefit solutions to over 600 Industrial Corporate and Associate Members.
Haripur Chamber Of Commerce & Industry, aims to serve as a guiding force to the business community, by providing alliances, valuable advantages and services to its members.
The Haripur Chamber offers business development opportunities to organizations interested in growth through knowledge, access, and influence in Haripur City and Hattar Industrial Zone(K.P.K)
The Haripur Chamber works to create and deliver member value through focusing resources on critical areas of engagement that will assure planned smart growth and sustainability for the region. Those critical areas include entrepreneurship, innovation, government contracting, technology, health care, hospitality & entertainment, emerging industries, land use and development, critical infrastructure needs.
Membership in the Haripur Chamber  means unparalleled access to business advocacy, strategic events, thought leadership, and networking in the  Region. If you’re not a member, I encourage you to reach out to our business development team to learn about everything the Haripur Chamber has to offer.
Thank you for your interest in the Haripur Chamber. I invite you to browse our website and discover how we work with our stakeholders to create a positive regional business climate. I look forward to working with you and your business.