It is incredible to think about my colleagues trust and confidence reposed upon me, I am given the opportunity to serve the all members of the Chambers as well as the business community of the region as President. I am happy to say that both membership and event attendance have continued to grow over the passing every year. Our members know that their feedback is important in determining the chambers future objectives. This year too, I expect you all to attend events, seminars activities, be a part of the relevant standing Committees and contribute to magazine if you have interesting information to share with the fellow businessmen.
There are still plans to move forward this year to fully examine and execute activities where chamber might best develop more formal relationship with Embassies, Academia, other Chambers and research institutes, which might help you grow your business. There are lot of issues to be resolved other than increase in Electricity and Gas tariffs and Taxation system with Government Departments and agencies. Please come forward with positive suggestions and strengthen my hands to achieve all the desired goals,


President Muhammad Atta ur Rehman Yousafzai